By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated March 25, 2011 at 12:00 PM EDT
Prashant Gupta/FX
Prashant Gupta/FX

It’s been quite the week for TV, Roomies. And as we head into finale season, the info keeps pouring in!

Below is what I’ve dug up this week, but remember that I use your inquiries as a guide. Let me know what shows you want to know about! And you can do so (as always) in two ways: via e-mail and via Twitter @EWSandraG.


Full disclosure: I was originally going to preview tonight’s episode of Fringe for you, but honestly, I’m in such a pleasant mood over the renewal that I say we move on to bigger matters, like episode 19, airing April 15.

Before the big news, Jeff Pinkner and Joel H. Wyman hopped on the phone with me to tease an episode I’ve been dying to know more about ever since I heard a rumor that it would be Astrid-centered, which, it turns out, isn’t entirely the case. Oh, I’ll just let them explain.

Bonus scoop for those of you dying to know more about tonight’s episode: There’s not much I can tell you other than this quote from executive producer Jeff Pinkner. “It will take place back with Bolivia and some very monumental life experiences occur.” Cool? Cool.


Craig Sjodin

If your heart has been slowly breaking watching Crosby (Dax Shepard) and Jasmine (Joy Bryant) duke it out on Parenthood following his night with Gaby (Minka Kelly), you’re not alone. In fact, Bryant might want to see the two make up more than you do.

“I think everyone wants it to work out. He did a pretty lame thing. They definitely recognize that, and it’s going to get more complicated,” Bryant tells EW exclusively. “It’s just an uncomfortably situation for everybody.”

That discomfort will hit new levels in Tuesday’s new episode, she says, as we will see the embattled couple struggle more than ever with their hopes for reconciliation. “It’s a very, very tough, difficult situation between the two of them, and I think she’s holding up the best she could,” Bryant says. “I imagine it’s hard having a child with someone and then this happens. Because there’s the issue between the two people but there’s a child involved. You still have to maintain this relationship. You have to keep it together. It’s not easy. Ugh. Crosby and Jasmine — the saga!”

But as the show prepares to close out its second season and drama hits new heights with everyone in the family (As I’ve hinted: Amber becomes anything but a teenage dream, Julia and Joel’s baby plans hit a snag, and Max’s already rocky road gets worse before it gets better.), Bryant says there’s one thing to keep in mind, “There’s always hope.”


When John Francis Daley took on the task of co-writing his first episode of Bones with writing partner Jonathan Goldstein, he knew it’d be a challenge to please Booth and Brennan fans with a relatively Sweets-heavy episode. (That was not his choice, by the way, but it turned out to be the situation after he learned Emily Deschanel and David Boreanz would have to split their time between filming the episode and the show’s spin-off, The Locator.)

“We have enough scenes with Booth and Brennan riffing on each other and being the ones to solve the crime, for the most part. I don’t think that the fan universe is going to be too upset — at least I hope,” he jokes. “I haven’t got any death threats yet.”

In the April 14 episode (which I teased a bit to you earlier), the team takes on a case that will force them to ponder many well-known myths (i.e.: crying religious statues, yetis) and delve into the team’s individual beliefs. “We show more of Booth and Brennan connecting in the sense that one of them believes one thing and the other believes another, and yet they figure out how they can both agree upon certain things,” Daley says. “In this case, Booth feels like there is the possibility of the existence of mythological creatures like this, as he would, and Brennan, who is strictly scientific, is always going to try and disprove that. But they meet on a middle ground in this episode, because she is willing to admit that there are things out there that science still hasn’t explained yet, and is open to the possibility of there being something else out there.”

Check InsideTV next week for more from my Q&A with John Francis Daley, where he talks writing and what it was like filming with his dad R.F. Daley, who has a cameo in the episode!


Craig Sjodin

Are there any hopes for Deeks and Kensi to get together on NCIS: LA? I have gotten all the girls in my office hooked [on the show], to the point now we are all going crazy. Please — we are in desperate need here. Thanks. — Christy

Well, I like desperation. It makes it more fun to tease you with quotes like this one from executive producer and creator Shane Brennan. “Deeks is handsome, funny and loyal. Kensi is smart, exotic and smoking hot. What was the question again? … Would we like to see Deeks and Kensi together? You bet! Will it happen? Characters have funny ways of taking you to unexpected places. We’ll all just have to hang in and see…”

Any Blue Bloods scoop? I started watching this show every week with my dad — mostly for him. But now I’m addicted. — Amy

Remember when Michael T. Weiss guested as the super creepy Det. Molevsky? Well, I can confirm he’ll be back before the end of the season. And I don’t know about you, but news of his return made me recall what he told Jamie earlier — “It can be dangerous out here.”

Desperate Housewives, please! — Nat

Have you heard about the secret death plot against Paul Young involving antifreeze-tainted casseroles? Yes, you say? Well, it doesn’t stay secret for long, but let’s just hope the truth comes out before anything bad happens at the school bake sale…

Okay, tell me now. Who’s getting married on HIMYM? Punchy, Barney, or Robin? — Nick

I know. You’re probably all confused after hearing that Michael Trucco (Fairly Legal, Battlestar Galactica) is going to guest as a possible love interest of Robin’s and that Nazanin Boniadi will return as Nora. And yes, that’s a pickle. If I had to guess, it won’t be Robin at the altar. A few sources confirm that Trucco will appear in only one episode of HIMYM this season … but an in-the-know person added that we shouldn’t rule out a return next season. This tells me he’ll play an important part, but not one as important as groom. That leaves Barney. But when we posed the question to Neil Patrick Harris, he was doubtful his character would be settling down soon. “Well, I think the combination of Marshall’s father passing away and Barney reconnecting with his father will certainly make him question just how long can you be a heartless and blind Lothario, but it’s kind of embedded in his DNA,” he tells EW. “So I don’t know he’ll necessarily become an entirely different person any time soon.” … Or NPH is a seasoned actor who knows how to throw people off the scent. As for Punchy … c’mon now. When was the last time Mother just handed us an answer? The mystery is part of the fun! (Using that logic, I’m sort of a fun-sucker. But let’s not talk about that.)

Shonda Rhimes said in last week’s column that Grey‘s “fans will feel she broke all her promises.” What does that mean? Pls. tell me it’s not Mer/Der! — @love_mcdreamy

She might be referring to Meredith or Derek or Meredith and Derek. But keep in mind that many promises have been made over the years … and breaking certain ones wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.

I would love a P&R scoop! Are either Dave or Mark going to be written back into the series?? Thanks! — Natalie in Eagleton

That’s a negatory. Even though showrunner Mike Schur said last season that Mark could return this season, I’m told there’s nothing in the works for either of them. Hey, you gotta give Brendanawicz some time to recover. It’s not every day a guy gets shat on by a bird while indoors.

How much of this war are we going to see on Supernatural. It would be kind lame for them not to show the thing they’ve been talking about all season, right? — Rachael

Lame? Probably not. My gut tells me it would be for a good reason. Misha Collins agrees with my gut. “We’re not going to see a whole lot of the actual war that’s taking place in heaven. We’re going to see how that plays out with respect to Sam and Dean and their world. But the two definitely collide in the season finale,” he says. Another thing we can expect not to see? Cas in 300-style angel battle gear. “I would love to have some sexy, feathery armor, but I’m not getting any. It’s the same frumpy trench coat and suit,” he laments.

Any scoop on Cas’s new angel buddy on Supernatural? — Krystal

I wouldn’t necessarily use the word “buddy.” More like “reluctant ally.” “It’s hard for Cas to figure out who’s on his side and who’s not,” Collins dishes. “There’s a lot of duplicity and spies.”

Thanks for all the scoopage on the Winchester boys … I’m torn between excitement and dread for the last episodes of the season. Just thinking that what’s left is all we might ever have makes me want to have a little Hunter’s Helper and pass out in grief! I was wondering if there is any word yet on whether we will have a season 7? Thanks! — Gia

Save some room for me at your table, because I think we’re going to need to lean on each other for support after a likely soul-killing finale. Actually, let me back up. The heartbreak really begins with “The Man Who Would Be King,” the first episode being directed by fan-fave writer Ben Edlund. “It’s the story of Castiel looking over his life, and then it turns into Castiel looking into his relationships,” he says. “If it does it’s job, it’ll break your heart.” As for the chances of a next season, Supernatural showrunner Sera Gamble tells me, “We’ve cliffhung this season, so if you want to know what happens, you have to tune into season 7. So we have to make one.”

Let’s get some Nikita action going on here, Sandra. Spoilers, please! — Ashlyn

In an upcoming episode, Nikita will put herself on the line (<< no news there) for a shocking reason: to help Division. There's much more to this story…

Californication finale scoop, please? I haven’t heard a peep out of you. — Carla

The show doesn’t yank you along in the finale. You’ll learn Hank’s fate in the first few minutes … and let’s just say the result floors him. Also, there’s a dinner scene so insane (name-calling, vomit, a stabbing…), you won’t soon forget it. Peep.

I would love some news on Castle! — Jenna

I know what’s going to happen in the Castle finale! Well, the back of my head does, but the jerk ain’t talking. It’s a long story that I’ll tell you soon. Meanwhile, EW coverman Nathan Fillion has his own ideas, which he shared with us at the Los Angeles premiere of Super. “Hot air balloons and blow darts! … I actually have no idea what the finale is going to be. We haven’t seen it yet. But I am pitching blow darts and hot air balloons; I think those two things are golden. People will hear that and they will want to tune in. They’ll be like, ‘I need to see this.’ We’ll see if the writers take my notes into consideration.”

I bet you want real info, right? Okay, how’s this: You know how this season has been filled with great moments? My gut tells me something even more awesome this way comes…

Enjoyed all of the Castle info lately. Next time you talk to the powers that be, let them know that we all think that the Nikki Heat books would make GREAT TV movies. Maybe for the summer, when we need that Castle fix. C’mon, it’s a great Idea! — Bill C

That’s not a question, Bill. But I agree. In general, I wish shows would use summer as vehicles to get people pumped about the next season. See: Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe (which airs April 17). In my dreams, summer would be a chance for prequels (Supernatural: Summer at Bobby’s, anyone?) and tie-ins galore (Kickpuncher: The Animated Movie?). Anything to stop me from getting obsessed with Big Brother (which always seems to happen despite my best efforts.)

We know some of the Glee kids are graduation-bound, but what about the gang on Community? — Luis

First, can we take a moment to celebrate renewal? Hip, hip … okay. That’s done. Now, to your question: No, I don’t see this happening any time soon. Well, at least certainly not for Pierce. Chevy Chase concurs: “Oh, probably not. He’s probably just going to stay at that school the rest of his life.” I’m okay with that.

So excited about the return of It’s Always Sunny! Scoop me? — Trevor

Casting is underway for a character named Roxy, who is not only a, um, lady of the night — but also someone’s potential wife!

Craig Sjodin

Justified just keeps getting better and better. Any idea where all this is headed? Will next week have more of the Bennetts? That’s my favorite storyline. — Greg

There’s, indeed, some Bennett action coming up next week. The best scene? Raylan’s gitty fight scene with Coover. Unfortunately, I’d probably give the upcoming round to Coover, but something tells me Raylan’s not quite done with him.

Hi, Sandra. Really enjoy the part deaux Spoiler Room, and would like to know if The Defenders has a chance to be renewed. I really enjoy the show and the camaraderie between Jim [Belushi] and Jerry [O’Connell]. It’s way better than Harry’s Law! Thanks! — scrlett

Bashing won’t save The Defenders, friend. Simmer down! As it stands, The Defenders is still making its case to the court of PTB. I think EW’s James Hibberd said it best when the show quietly closed out its season, “[The show] is below the line for what CBS is normally willing to accept on a night it generally wins. (Then again, that line is always moving, isn’t it?)”

Love your spoilers (and your recaps!). Can you tell me more about Parenthood? The Crosby/Jasmine break up is devastating. Is there hope for reconciliation? Thanks! — Caryn

See above. Just for you.

Peter & Neal getting stuck in elevator ep. — truth or rumor? — Lyn

Rumor. And a false one at that. Not a rumor, however? Next season, the team will be faced with one of their toughest tasks yet: Planning a child’s birthday party.

The Glades: Is it EVER coming back??? — Denise

Of course it is! I don’t have a specific return date for you, but I’m told season 2 will begin production in a matter of weeks and will premiere this summer.

I hate how we’re almost to May finale season. Sooooooo depressing. Any Big Bang scoop to make me feel better? — Lillian

Someone close to a member of the gang is going to face a medical crisis toward the end of the season — and it could lead to some significant developments. Doesn’t sound funny? It really is.

Dear Sandra and the lovely people of Spoiler Room, I love that you are all now appearing 2 times a week. It makes Tuesdays and Fridays just so much more awesome. Another thing I’m excited about? The fact that so many shows are returning from hiatus!! Now, onto my questions… Can I get some Make It or Break It scoop please? I heard Chelsea Hobbs is preggers for the second time … Will this play into her storyline (as kinda foreshadowed in the trailer)? And what about Neil Jackson aka Sasha Beloff? Please and thank you! — TV Addict

I’ll take the latter question. But what about Sasha do you want to know? A more appropriate question might be, “How hot does he look when we find him boxing shirtless in the first episode back?” And my answer would have been: Very.

(Additional reporting by John Young and Carrie Bell)