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YouTube has a litter of ‘singing’ dog videos, but this might be the finest canine/celebrity musical crossbreeding yet.

From the leisure of their home, Billie Joe Armstrong and his dog Rocky perform “Last Night on Earth” from Green Day’s 21st Century Breakdown. Needless to say, these two together give the tune a new LEASH on life.

Armstrong tickles the ivories while hiding under a hoodie, so the punk frontman’s Cockapoo (hmm, no puns there) truly takes center stage with his high-pitched but surprisingly melodic howling. Watch it here:

It’s a pretty impressive cover—if they record an mp3, of this I would gladly put it on my iPawd. Someone should hound them to do this in the studio.

It looks like dog truly is a piano man’s best friend. Maybe Rocky will leave his scene on Broadway when Armstrong returns to his acting stint in American Idiot for its closing weeks.

Is Rocky’s caterwauling his way of protesting our ‘C’ grade for Green Day’s recent live album? Or is this just a plea for some Kibbles ‘n Bits? Well, it’s food FUR thought. (Do you want to kill us yet? Thought so.)


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