By Sara Vilkomerson
Updated March 24, 2011 at 07:55 PM EDT
Credit: Laurie Sparham
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Get ready for a more family friendly version of this year’s best picture-winner, The King’s Speech. The Weinstein Company announced today that a new, PG-13 version of the film will open nationwide on April 1 on 1000 screens and will be the only version of the film left in theaters.

“We are thankful to the MPAA for their wisdom and swift action in approving the release of The King’s Speech PG-13 release,” states TWC’s president of theatrical distribution and home entertainment, Eric Lomis, in an official statement. “The action enables those to whom it speaks most directly — young people who are troubled by stuttering, bullying and similar trials — to see it.”

The PG-13 version of the film will contain significantly less f-words, which helped garner its original R rating.

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