By Lynette Rice
Updated March 24, 2011 at 06:37 PM EDT
Vivien Killilea/; David Livingston/Ge

Some juicy details have emerged about the much-anticipated Anthony DiNozzo origin episode that will air May 3 on NCIS: EW has learned exclusively that Scott Grimes (ER) will play Det. Danny Price, an ex-partner of Michael Weatherly’s character. The two worked together 10 years ago while serving as cops in Baltimore.

Grimes, who already announced his gig via Twitter, will appear in one episode.

Back in November, NCIS flashed back 20 years to finally reveal what happened in Amsterdam to shape Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll), and what led him to become the director (a question fans had been asking themselves for more than two seasons). To prepare for the episode, Carroll spent lots of time in the makeup trailer to shave the years off (for more on his transformation, click here).

Will Weatherly go through the same process? Is it even possible to make the guy hotter than he already is?

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