On March 24, 1874, a boy named Erik Weisz was born in Budapest. That little boy would go on to become one of the great celebrities of the early 20th century: An escapist, a magician, and all-around master-of-illusions who went by the stage name Harry Houdini. Today, Google celebrates the magician’s birthday with a snappy new logo that looks like an old-timey ticket to a magic show. In a twist worthy of the great illusionist himself, this celebration comes just one day after the death of Dorothy Young, Houdini’s last surviving stage assistant. Since there are currently two Houdini biopics in the works — one with I Am Legend director Francis Lawrence attached, the other to be based on the biography The Secret Life of Houdini — we may be witnessing the dawn of a Houdini Renaissance. So happy 137th birthday, Erik Weisz: Your best tricks may still ahead of you. Sorry, sorry, illusions. We all know what a trick is.