Wiz Khalifa And Snoop Dogg
Credit: Darren Ankenman

The pairing of new school rhymer Wiz Khalifa and rap icon Snoop Dogg is a match made in chronic heaven.

The two avid weed puffers are taking their friendship further than just music and creating a movie called, fittingly, High School. The stoner comedy will likely be released sooner than later, Khalifa confirmed to Rolling Stone.

“It should be coming out pretty soon. It’s about pot, of course,” he said. “But it’s about me [sic] and his relationship. A spin-off of us being cool in the industry, smoking a lot of weed, and being around a lot of weed. We’re going to try to have fun with it and also try to enlighten people at the same time, not just get everybody high.”

He’s even more excited about the partnering soundtrack: “It’s basically like me and Snoop’s album,” he continued. “It’s me and him going back and forth on songs the whole time. So it’s a big deal. It’s really going to be fun for my fans.”

Looking forward to hip-hop’s Cheech and Chong movie collab? I’m totally expecting Half Baked-quality cinema. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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