By Clark Collis
Updated March 23, 2011 at 08:54 PM EDT
Credit: Anita Bugge/

Prolific German director Uwe Boll tells EW that he plans to make a film about the financial crisis called Bail Out, and a fourth BloodRayne movie, even though the straight-to-DVD third entry in the vampire franchise won’t be released until early summer. “I have two projects in development,” says the filmmaker. “One is BloodRayne 4, to make some money. And one is Bail Out, about the financial crisis. It’s a thriller where a guy actually strikes back and starts killing all the investment bankers.”

Although Boll is infamous for directing such widely criticized horror films as House of the Dead and Alone In The Dark, he has also made a number of more serious-minded movies, including 2008’s Vietnam War movie Tunnel Rats and 2009’s Darfur. Nor will this be Boll’s first financial industry-related film. In his 2000 movie Sanctimony, Casper Van Dien played a stockbroker and serial killer.

The director says he was partly inspired to make a film about the financial crisis after being disappointed by Wall Street 2: “It just didn’t fulfil what I was expecting. It was too much like one bad guy. The age of greed was not really visible. It’s not only the two or three guys and everybody else works for $50,000. It was a whole, let’s say, mini town full of people. They screwed over the world to get financially wealthy.” Boll says he hopes to cast a “big name” in Bail Out which he is hyping as a “Taxi Driver for a new generation.”

For more on Uwe Boll check out this week’s Entertainment Weekly, which features an article on his forthcoming superhero spoof movie Blubberella.

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