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Rolling Papers

After his first record deal with Warner Bros. fizzled nearly two years ago, many counted Wiz Khalifa out. But the rapper with the Fran Drescher chortle got revenge and then some with his smash, ”Black and Yellow.” The Pittsburgher’s debut on Atlantic is lyrically limited to getting high, stealing chicks, and blowing cash. (Then again, what would you rap about if you were young and new to affluence?) Yet it burns with an underdog’s passion and a champion’s spite. ”Used to not be allowed in the building/But now we’re on the rooftop,” he spits with pride on ”Rooftops.” Although the sentiment is echoed often on cuts like ”Star of the Show,” it never loses punch. Wiz’s sound falls somewhere between two of his weed-burning peers — more jovial than Kid Cudi’s lonelystoner cuts and more cohesive than Snoop Dogg’s recent offerings. Marijuana may not be legal, but Rolling Papers surely will be enjoyed and passed around among Wiz’s fans. B+

Rolling Papers
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