Credit: NBC

Remember that episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta when NeNe Leakes was blowing her interview with Jermaine Dupri so she started making digs about Kim Zolciak’s age? That’s kind of the same impulse that seems to be driving her during her publicity blitz for Celebrity Apprentice. She just can’t stop grinding her heel into fellow contestant Star Jones. Perhaps because she knows full well that the promise of these digs is what keeps getting her ink or airtime. (Not the most noble way to make a name for oneself.) Today on The Ellen Degeneres Show, under her perpetual guise of just telling it like it is, she pronounced Jones “bossy, manipulative, conniving, and I’m not even being funny, I think that is real, I honestly think that is who she is.” You can check out the full clip below:

Far be it from me to defend Star Jones — who I remember as being fairly unwatchable on The View, especially as she planned an enormous wedding — but I do find NeNe’s grab at the headlines tiresome. Jones may in fact be the “disaster” Leakes describes. But this Real Housewife has contributed to her fair share of disaster zones. “Laid back NeNe” — yeah right. That said, green is her color. Plink plonk! (Efforts to reach Star Jones’ camp for a comment were unsuccessful.)

Do little drawn-out feuds in the press like this make you more or less inclined to watch a show? Who’s the disaster here? Can Marlee Matlin just go and kick both of these women to the curb already?