Daytime soaps fans still talk about that time when Hollywood royalty came out to play. Like everything she did, Elizabeth Taylor’s multi-episode arc on General Hospital was big: She came at the height of the show’s popularity to play Helena Cassadine, wife of Mikos. (You remember Mikos, that guy who wanted to freeze the earth.) She was even at Luke and Laura’s wedding, though off to the side and putting a curse on them .

With news of her passing, the show’s put out a statement: “We were honored to work with Elizabeth Taylor on General Hospital. Her portrayal of Helena was a defining moment for the show and an extraordinary experience for everyone involved. She was a great talent, a gracious lady, and a rare presence. We are deeply saddened by her passing and send our deepest condolences to her family and friends.”

Her appearance on the show was vintage grand dame, but the blooper reel below shows the playful, joyous side of Mrs. Taylor. And that laugh! Oh, that laugh…

She even makes fun of herself by saying after one flub, “I’m sorry, folks. I’m not used to acting.” It’s amazing to watch her crack up with the ever-charming Tristan Rogers. But I absolutely love the schoolboy joy on Anthony Geary’s face when he forgets a line while looking at her and exclaims “Ahhhh! It’s Elizabeth Taylor.” He’s recently admitted to having had an affair with her for years after they met.

“Elizabeth was more than a great star, she was an amazing human being. Her world famous physical beauty paled in comparison to the beauty that radiated from her heart and soul. She had great humor, didn’t take herself too seriously, and had the most wonderful bawdy laugh. She was a fierce and loyal friend and tireless advocate. She dedicated herself to education, treatment and the search for a cure for HIV/AIDS long before it was fashionable to do so. Back in the dark days of ignorance and prejudice against people stricken with the disease, Elizabeth was at the forefront of the battle,” Geary said in a statement. “I was fortunate enough to call her my friend and every moment I spent in her company was unforgettable. I loved her very much. The world is a little darker, a little colder, a little less beautiful without her.”

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