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Studies have shown that Hidden Gems of the Week,’s collection of reader-submitted ridiculata, is the best way to enjoy Dancing With the Stars without ever having to turn it on. It’s a visual feast of sparkles, fringe, and flesh. Ready to go down the rabbit hole? Behold this bountiful smattering of Visible Gems!

Gem Mystery of the Week: What Was Hidden in Brooke’s Ridiculous Gown?

Oh, my! So many of you DANCMSTRs nominated this blatant yet phantom gem — and with so many creative ideas! Here we go. Deep breath…. CA and Katja (hat), Jo (armrest), duranmom, avab (tabletop or giant bug), Jem Ho, Ari, Winnie 50, and karenbelgrad (satellite dish), Lola (black tuba), pancake (ugly matching hat or fish tail), Jen (tire), curly (tire that was in need of changing), Katie (megaphone), Karen, Madd (taffeta saucer), Amanda (open umbrella), KelbelDance (wok), jasmine (tumor), MaggieJane (bustle accidentally attached to front), ABC (massive black hole trying to swallow Planet Mirrorballus), Krystal0802 (fan), GS and Jenn (Audrey’s little sister from Little Shop of Horrors), CleverShrew (the hat Audrey Hepburn wore in My Fair Lady), Cathy (the back of someone’s head who was sitting right in front of the camera, at times), Call me Daphne (trash can lid, flower belonging to Celine Dion), Jodie (hat and hook).


Oh, also: “I’ve got a hidden gem – those excited older ladies in the audience at the top of the show that were trying oh so hard to get on camera. One of them looked like she was wearing a muumuu. Having been a member of DWTS audience last season, I can tell you that they probably placed them up there for a reason; all the girls in the short dresses get rushed to the floor!” —ElloGurl

Oh, and thanks to DANCMSTR Maeve for telling us Brooke’s dress was designed by Rami Kashou (season 4 Project Runway alum).

“Notice how CRAZZZZYYYY Bongo Man was? He had Bongo-Mania !!!” —LAG Award Winner, endorsed by Pope Carmelita. …And obviously, the triumphant return of Enthusiastic Chimes Lady prompted this gem for kt, Hez, JH, me, tango2 (who plays a set of chimes at home in ECL’s honor), Karen, Madd, JessicaH, Bugsby, KelbelDance, glenn

“Right after a SUPER Enthusiastic Chimes Lady in the opening, we were treated to a shot of Side-Ponytail Rocking Baritone Sax Player. FTW.” —KCar

Tina Fey or Jennifer Grey? “Isn’t that truly a Hidden Gem? Last season’s winner hidden behind glasses?” —Sue, endorsed by embizz, Nooooo, Ledonatella, CleverShrew, CoolWhipLite, First Time Gem Hunter (Welcome!!!), nikki, Jen, Amy in Pittsburgh, jmm, Lorie, gigi, Jem Ho, Zach, kellen, Stacie, Edge

“Wendy’s hair looked like Minnie Mouse ears at one point during rehearsal.” —Jem Ho (JH)

“Was there a kids’ birthday party in the rehearsal studio before Hines and Kym’s practice?” —Amy in Pittsburgh, endorsed by gigi, Jen P., kt, duranmom, j, jasmine, Enthusiastic Comment Lady

“The floating orb on the judges desk. Could it be the ghost of sequins past?” —Mandie, endorsed by JessicaH, gigi, jasmine, Presto, April_J, New Gem Finder (Welcome!!!)

“Striving to maintain appropriate level of ballroom glamour despite merely watching from the crowd, Flo was touching up her lipstick behind Tom after Hines got his scores.” —Jem Ho, endorsed by MLO, bouionice, avab, Molly J

“After Petra’s dance, when the two guys giving her a standing ovation sat down, I noticed Harry Potter and Alfalfa (or Crispin Glover) sitting next to them! From a different angle, Alfalfa looked a little like Charlie Sheen.” —Debra

“Everyone’s favorite gay New Kid on the Block Jonathan Knight in the audience!!!” —chopchop, endorsed by Seagirl, Lee, Aggie, PN, Nicole, AWilson, Kat, PhillyGirl, Dana, lunchboxx, Tracie, Michelle, irb, Jill

“Man with the pink afro mohawk sitting behind Romeo’s family.” —jury’s out

“The guy, sitting over Jennifer Grey’s right shoulder when she was introduced, who kept yelling ‘wooooooooo,’ basically in her ear. Revenge for all of her daughter’s high-pitched screams?” —Kevin M. Kawa

“After Tom pointed out Jennifer Grey was there, a woman that looked like she belonged in a Whitesnake video was poking her head out so she could be on camera.” —Krystal0802, endorsed by Iris, Nessie, kt

“The lady sitting next to (and a row behind) Jennifer Grey looked like she was wearing the lamp in front of her as a dress!” —iggy

“The Christmas Story-esque leg lamps on the tables in the audience.” —Chelsea Anne

“The most adorable old lady was sitting a couple chairs from Sugar Ray at the start of their dance and looked so happy…plus she was very reminiscent of the lady from Titanic.” —kt

“Maybe it’s because Kendra is his partner that my mind went there, but Louis’ “text” gesture looked kinda dirty to me.” —Jem Ho, endorsed by Brewnette

“This particular kick from Tom.” —’s Fringe Fairy

“Bruno’s puff-face after Len called Chris Jericho a ‘big boy'” —Electronic Neko

“Loved the look Carrie Ann snuck as Cheryl Burke and Chris Jericho were walking away after their dance. Don’t blame her for admiring the view!” —pancake

“Lacey’s adorable ‘Good boy!’ pat.” —Madd

“Maks just flew by…in tight pants. Life is good.” —duranmom

“Cheryl’s face when Lacey was talking about Psycho Mike’s…parts” —jasmine

NOT AT ALL HIDDEN BUT OMG SUCH A GEM: “First Maks booty pop of the season!” —Amanda, endorsed by orville, CoolWhipLite, starsweeper, Lin, Pisces228, IMissKristi

Bonus Booty.

Bonus Bunny!

Bonus Boob Pop?

“Maks’s little “hell yes!” kick/punch when Bruno complimented Kirstie’s foot placement…too cute!” —kt, endorsed by Jen P.

“Quick! Kirstie! Trade lives with me!” —’s Fringe Fairy

Thank you, DANCMSTRs old and new, one and all, for a fabulous heap of gems!

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