If Donald Trump runs for president, it’s safe to say Whoopi Goldberg won’t be voting for him.

Swaggering onto The View Wednesday morning to promote The Celebrity Apprentice, Trump started off with some presidential talk — “If I got the nomination […] I definitely think I could beat Obama” — but got into hot water when he asked of President Obama, “Why doesn’t he show his birth certificate? […] I want him to show his birth certificate!”

“There’s something on that birth certificate that he doesn’t like,” said Trump. He pointed to Elisabeth Hasselbeck and said, “Look, she’s smiling!”

Goldberg took off like a rocket. “Donald, I think that’s the biggest pile of dog mess I’ve heard in ages! It’s not because he’s black, is it?”

“It has nothing to do with him being black,” said Trump.

“Because I’ve never heard a white president being asked to show his birth certificate. That’s B.S.,” said Goldberg vehemently.

Oh, and by the way, Trump says that as The Celebrity Apprentice proceeds this season, Star Jones and NeNe Leakes are “going to make Omarosa [seem] like a very kind, sweet woman.”

As usual, it was left to Barbara Walters to try to smooth things over. At the end of the segment, as everyone talked over everyone else, Walters could be heard bleating about Trump, “He’s always wonderful to watch.”

Do you think so?

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