By Joseph Brannigan Lynch
Updated March 23, 2011 at 10:29 PM EDT

YouTube viral video star—and legitimately talented singer—Nick Pitera has unleashed a musical medley of Disney hits that he calls his “One Man Disney Movie.”

Initially Internet-famous for his “A Whole New World” video—which shows him convincingly switching between the male and female vocal parts—Pitera returns the world of Disney covers after his more recent forays into Glee and Adele territory.

Only this time, he’s singing every part: princess, villain, hero, sidekick and even the town chorus. Watch it here:

Thanks to Brady Bunch-style split-screen magic, the video is segmented into six boxes which allows the different Disney archetypes—all played by Pitera—to react to each other’s different songs.

Having never seen Enchanted, I didn’t recognize every song in this mega-medley, but I was very happy to hear the underappreciated gem “Belle (Little Town)” from Beauty and the Beast. That’s the one where she meets Prince Charming—but doesn’t discover that it’s him ’til chapter three.

Do you recognize all the songs in this roundup from Disney’s ’90s Golden Age? What other Disney songs would you like to see resurrected by the wonderful world of viral videos?


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