By Jeff Labrecque
March 23, 2011 at 07:41 PM EDT
Alfeo Dixon

Dave Koechner’s last lunch at Denny’s with Jason Bateman was so delightful that I rushed back for seconds. This time, Koechner dines with Sarah Silverman, she of the “approachable good looks.” It’s a very different — creepy! — vibe this time around. Koechner’s earnest bearing and puppy-dog enthusiasm is steamrolled by Silverman’s desert-island brutality and rectal blemishes, but the comedienne does deliver the best — first? — Neve Campbell impression ever attempted. Their bawdy sit-down didn’t make me want to throw down a wholesome Denny’s Grand Slam breakfast, but I’m still hungry for future videos. Take a look at the new College Humor video:

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