Debbie Reynolds Elizabeth Taylor
Credit: Las Vegas News Bureau/AP Images

Few people have had as interesting and complicated a relationship with Elizabeth Taylor as Debbie Reynolds (pictured, right), who was famously good friends with Taylor until Reynolds’ husband Eddie Fisher (pictured, center) left her for Taylor after Taylor’s husband Mike Todd died in a plane crash. (They later reconciled.) Reynolds spoke to EW about Taylor, who died this morning. “She had a long, productive career,” says Reynolds. “She was the most glamorous and sensuous star of our generation. No one could equal Elizabeth’s beauty and sexuality. Women liked her and men adored her — my husband included — and her love for her children is enduring. She was a symbol of stardom. Her legacy will last…. I just talked to her two weeks ago. We just chatted. I said, ‘Getting old is not easy, is it? Being ill is very difficult.’ We talked a little bit about being sick and she said how hard it was and that she was pleased I called. We reminisced a little bit. She was very sick, and I’m pleased that she can be out of her pain now…. People always assume you’re going to carry a grudge, but I don’t do that. We passed through that with time.” (Reporting by Josh Rottenberg)

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