Charles Frasier

Twenty-six-year-old self-publishing whizkid Amanda Hocking is shopping a four-part series for a traditional book deal, reportedly bringing in offers from major publishing houses of over $1 million. She began publishing her own e-books last year via retailers like Amazon and and has sold more than 900,000 copies of nine books since then. But will Hocking lose her under-the-radar cool factor if she goes with a major publisher? Thriller writer Barry Eisler seems to be going in the other direction: He turned down a huge six-figure deal to publish his own e-books.

Cold Mountain author Charles Frazier’s first novel since 2006’s Thirteen Moons will be released this October by Random House. Nightwoods will tell the story of a young woman living in rural North Carolina in the 1950s raising her murdered sister’s children.

Anyone out there have a book hoarding problem? Read confessions of some compulsive collectors who are in serious need of a good e-reader. They should really make a Hoarders: Book Edition. There’s already an animal spin-off.