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Michael Scott, The Office (Steve Carell)

Rainn Wilson would prefer to joke through the pain over Steve Carell leaving The Office. "The last scene when Dwight pulled back the shotgun, put it in Michael Scott's mouth and pulled the trigger and his head blew apart, it was moving. There was not a dry eye in the house!" Wilson told EW during the premiere of Super in Hollywood Monday. "No, that's a terrible thing to say. There is no shootout at Dunder Mifflin. Dwight does not kill Michael. That is not how we get rid of Steve.

"Actually, the last day of shooting with Steve was more intense than I anticipated it would be," Wilson continued. "There actually wasn't a dry eye in the house. It was really sad. It was very difficult to make comedy when there was a heaviness hanging over the proceedings. It's a great episode. Steve is magnificent in it. Maybe he'll finally win that Emmy he has deserved for like seven years."

For now, Wilson can't say how Michael Scott's departure will affect the other characters. "I don't know what's going to happen. We have Will Farrell for a little while and then we will have a few to shoot without a single A-list movie star. We've just got to see what happens," Wilson said. " Dwight is sad. He's losing his best buddy and his office hero. Actually all the characters are sad to see him go as are the actors but everyone understands and we will do our best to fill the void."

Carell's last episode will air April 28 — three weeks before the NBC comedy's hourlong season finale on May 19. Ferrell will guest star as Michael's replacement for several episodes beginning in April. Carell—who has garnered five Emmy nominations and a Golden Globe trophy in the role—filmed his last scenes for the show on March 4.  – With reporting from Carrie Bell

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Michael Scott, The Office (Steve Carell)
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