By Chris Nashawaty
Updated March 22, 2011 at 07:25 PM EDT

I have no idea how it smells, but I have a hankering to run out and buy some Coco Mademoiselle perfume after watching Keira Knightley’s new Chanel ad. The steamy, three-minute-twenty-second short film was directed by Atonement director Joe Wright and even if it doesn’t help sell the fragrance, it seems like a pretty decent audition reel for the two to team up in a future James Bond movie. In other words, look out, Old Spice Guy!

The clip opens with the 25-year-old actress asleep, nakedly swaddled in what I imagine are 20,000-threadcount sheets to the sounds of Joss Stone singing “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World.” She wakes up, dabs some Coco Mademoiselle on her neck, and then changes into a cream-colored catsuit. She steps outside of her Paris apartment, slides on a matching cream-colored helmet, and hops on a motorcycle, tearing through the streets of the City of Light, burning rubber past rubbernecking guys. Where is this woman of mystery headed? A photo shoot, of course. And not just any photo shoot, but one that’s presided over by a smoldering photographer with a permanent case of five o’clock shadow (that would be Argentine hunk Alberto Ammann). Knightely poses suggestively on a bed, the photographer clears the room, and then he starts doing her the favor of freeing her from her the constricting confines of her catsuit. Ziiiip! But just as things are about to get hot and heavy, she tells him to lock the door. And when he returns, she’s slipped out the window and zips away on her motorcycle.

Oh, that Coco Mademoiselle, she won’t — nay, can’t — be tamed!

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