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The upcoming fourth season of Damages has added veteran actor Judd Hirsch in a key role. Hirsch (Numbers, Taxi) will play a former mentor of Patty’s (Glenn Close); a man who took her under his wing during her first job out of law school. But his situation has changed greatly over time and he now spends his time “at the bottom of a bottle.” Since CBS’ Numbers concluded in last year, Hirsch has appeared on The Whole Truth and Warehouse 13.

The upcoming season of Sony Pictures TV’s Damages will make its debut on DirecTV this summer after having run the past three seasons on FX. The new season involves a wrongful death lawsuit filed against a military contractor over an incident that happened in a war zone. Also the show will push the content envelope a bit more on DirecTV than on basic cable. Between the military crime, Judd Hirsch, more editorial freedom and no commercials … the next season of Damages sounds very tempting.