Twitter: The cause of and solution to all of life’s problems. Yesterday, James Franco responded to Academy Awards comedy writer Bruce Vilanch’s negative comments about his hosting job with a defensive TwitPic that dared to vaguely insult Bette Midler. But the two semi-enemies have made peace. In a new TwitPic, Franco posts a note he received directly from Vilanch, who explains that he was only joking with the interviewer, and ended up actually trying to defend Franco’s Oscar hosting. “You should never take the gutter press too seriously,” explains Vilanch, “They don’t do their homework and they like to pretend everyone is in a perpetual state of anger and distress.” Over the note, Franco has scrawled his own mea culpa: “Thanks Bruce, sorry for reading stupid blogs.” And with that, the Great Franco-Vilanch war of March 21 and 22 ended. Check back on this blog — which isn’t stupid, we got a B-, which is an A- at Harvard! — later this week for more exciting usages of the word “TwitPic.”

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