By Mike Bruno
Updated March 22, 2011 at 11:12 AM EDT

Last night a Charlie Sheen tornado ripped through the Jimmy Kimmel Live set during a segment with Mark Cuban. The… actor? performer? let’s just say “self-promoting celebrity subject of international intrigue” stormed out to uproarious cheering, hugged Cuban, gave Kimmel a big sloppy kiss on the mouth, then tossed t-shirts to the audience emblazoned with various Sheenian slogans, like the kitty-cat “Tiger Blood” shirt, and a Sheen portrait with “winning” written underneath (Cuban grabbed one of those for himself). Then, after giving Kimmel a coffee mug with pictures of cartoon foxes pasted onto it, the warlock was off again. “I have a show to write, dammit!” he told the disappointed crowd.

Heck knows what’s gonna happen to this guy’s career after all this insanity. But it sure seemed like he had that Kimmel crowd eating out of his hand last night. Video below.

UPDATE: Kimmel posted the following to Twitter this morning: “legend has it that if @charliesheen kisses you at midnight, you turn into a whorewolf.” Last night, after the show, Kimmel tweeted that he’d had a “very very famous surprise walk-on guest tonight,” noting that “my head is still spinning.”

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