By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated March 21, 2011 at 10:40 PM EDT
Michael Gibson

Watching Theodore Bagwell on Breakout Kings last night made my heart ache for Prison Break. (Yes, the whole series — not just season 1.)

If you would have asked me several months ago — before anyone saw a lick of footage from Breakout Kings — I would have rejected the idea of his return to television outside the PB-verse. Sure, the show comes from the same great creative team, but I still probably would have scoffed and laughed at the ridiculous notion. “T-Bag belongs within the world of Michael Scofield and Co. and only in that world,” I would have said. And I would have been dead wrong.

Last night, he returned to TV with a bang like only T-Bag can, and oddly, it came naturally. From his small mannerisms to his hillbilly drawl, he was the same truly terrifying sexual predator I remembered him to be. And I hadn’t realized how much I’d missed seeing him on my TV, which got me thinking: What other beloved TV character deserves a return?

Now, before we play, a rule: They’d have to return in context of an existing show. Meaning, as much as I’d love to see Sarah Michelle Gellar return to TV as Buffy, I wouldn’t pick her because I don’t think there’s a show on TV that would fit the character in terms of tone. You wouldn’t just plop Buffy in a sitcom or something. (TV, meet my complete horror.)

I do, however, think that someone like Linda Cardellini could resurrect Lindsay Weir from Freaks and Geeks for an episode of Parenthood. Think about it: She could play a grown up Lindsay who owns a record store — or something equally cool — and befriend misfit Amber (Mae Whitman). I think I’d love the “former loner mentors young loner” vibe between the two characters. Plus, don’t they sort of feel like they exist in the same universe? (That strikes me as odd because I don’t believe they share any core creative team members; they do, however, have NBC in common.) Agree? Just me? Fine. You do better (…and you likely will).