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March 21, 2011 at 12:00 PM EDT

Look, I’m not saying Pretty Little Liars is deep or witty or saying anything beyond, “Our cast is gorgeous and our mystery is elaborate.” This show is, in fact, the very definition of an indulgent guilty pleasure. But, wow, does this junior version of Desperate Housewives deliver on the cliffhangers — better than Desperate Housewives ever did after its phenomenal first season. Watching Pretty Little Liars is like watching someone juggle fire or spin plates; you keep watching thinking it’s got to eventually fall apart, but so far, the juggling continues, and the plates stay in the air. Which is a complicated way of saying that Monday’s season finale did what so many greater shows fail to do: It delivered satisfying answers to a host of questions while still leaving plenty more hanging, and packing a doozy of a cliffhanger. [We’ll save any spoilerish stuff for after the jump here, so DO NOT CLICK THROUGH UNLESS YOU ALREADY WATCHED.]

We got to see Jenna’s eyes (!) and the secret romantic ties driving her continued (but still a little hazy) involvement in the titular Liars‘ ongoing torment. At last, we got to see that (presumably) Ian killed Allison, because of his creepy penchant for taping all of the young neighborhood girls. We got a fight scene in a belltower that resulted in his seeming death. And we got that cliffhanger: Ian’s body vanished, and the girls had gotten yet another text from the enigmatic “A.” Now I’ll definitely have to watch next season — which at least will be a little more tolerable now that Ezra’s no longer Aria’s teacher. That was getting way too old — and now that he’s working with his pretty ex, we can be tortured with a love triangle instead! Yes, I’m looking forward to every guilty, pleasurey, cliffhangery minute of it.

What about you, Pop Watchers? Did you like the Pretty Little Liars finale? Will the cliffhanger keep you watching?

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