March 21, 2011 at 10:25 PM EDT

Hawaii Five-O

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On tonight’s Hawaii Five-0, the team investigates the murder of a sci-fi fan, which somehow leads McGarrett on the beach foot chase in the preview below (and also means we’ll have at least one square on our Hawaii Five-0 bingo card — Alex O’Loughlin runs real fast — filled in). Check it out below:

I found this scene a bit anti-climactic. Three ways it could’ve been improved:

1. If McGarrett knocked down the girl in the yellow bikini instead of running around her. He lost precious time and her scream is annoying.

2. If Danno was thrown from his four-wheeler when it spins out on the sand, and he hit the water, face first. Missed opportunity.

3. If Alex O’Loughlin would’ve been wearing a clingy white v-neck under that gray button-down. Or, if after he shoved the cuffed suspect to the sand, he angrily removed and tossed that wet gray button-down and v-neck aside because they were really, really heavy.

What are your thoughts on the scene?

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