In an episode that saw the teams tasked with creating a unique RV environment, and Gary Busey giving new definitions to pretty much every word in the dictionary, another “celebrity” was fired by The Donald. My full recap will be up at 2am (UPDATE: Click over now to read Dalton’s full Celebrity Apprentice recap), but if you’ve already watched and want to sound off on what happened and who went home, read on after the jump for more. [SPOILER ALERT: Read only if you’ve already watched Sunday’s episode of The Celebrity Apprentice.]

After failing to buy greenery, figure out what century she was living in, or control diva Dionne Warwick, Niki Taylor essentially fired herself — taking full responsibility for her team’s loss. The loss was all the more humiliating considering the men were led by Project Manager/walking question mark Gary Busey, who also took time out of his not-so-busy schedule of playing catch with Jose Canseco to school Ivanka Trump on the proper acronym definitions for words that nobody cares about. Oh, and everyone had a great time dissecting the sexual habits of Marlee Matlin. What did you think? Glad or sad to see Niki go? Still trying to decipher half of what Busey said? And are you loving John Rich as much as I am? The message boards are now open for business. And for more Celebrity Apprentice news and views, follow me on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss.