By Adam Markovitz
March 18, 2011 at 10:23 PM EDT

There’s no lack of star power in this week’s trailer roundup: Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts grace the first look at the Hanks-directed dramedy Larry Crowne, Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis are Friends with Benefits, and Neil Patrick Harris hangs with The Smurfs. But we’ve also got peeks at some exciting indie projects from filmmakers like Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) and the legendary Werner Herzog (Rescue Dawn). Plus, a tease of this summer’s Conan the Barbarian reboot: No Arnold this time, but still plenty of pecs courtesy of new Conan Jason Momoa. Check out all these and more after the jump!

Larry Crowne (July 1)

‘Larry Crowne’ trailer: Watch Tom Hanks do double duty

Conan the Barbarian (Aug. 19)

‘Conan the Barbarian’ teaser: A smoky peek at the Arnold-free remake

The Smurfs (Aug. 3)

New ‘Smurfs’ trailer is pun-tastic

Friends with Benefits (July 22)

New ‘Friends With Benefits’ trailer: I ‘Like’ this, Sean Parker

Bridesmaids (May 13)

New ‘Bridesmaids’ trailer: All hail the wolfette pack

Beautiful Boy

‘Beautiful Boy’ trailer, featuring Maria Bello and Michael Sheen, punches you right in the feelings

Cave of Forgotten Dreams (April 29)

Werner Herzog’s ‘Cave of Forgotten Dreams’ trailer: A good 3D movie at last?

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold (April 22)

‘Greatest Movie Ever Sold’ trailer: Morgan Spurlock sells product placement for his film about product placement

Exporting Raymond (April 29)

‘Exporting Raymond’ trailer: What happens when Russia takes a stab at ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’?

Legend of the Fist (April 22)

‘Legend of the Fist’ trailer: Ninja skills vs. WWI

The Last Godfather (April 1)

‘The Last Godfather’ trailer: Is Young-goo Korean for Fredo?