Credit: Michael Muller; Inset: Bob Charlotte/PR Photos

Wolverine might be cooling his heels — and his adamantium claws — for a bit following the surprise announcement that Darren Aronofsky is dropping out of directing The Wolverine. Although Twentieth Century Fox released a statement yesterday saying the studio planned to “regroup and move forward aggressively” in the wake of Aronofsky’s departure from the Hugh Jackman superhero sequel, a source close to the project tells EW that there is no short list yet of filmmakers who might be tapped to take the reins. Factor in the tragic series of events currently unfolding in Japan — where much of the movie was to be shot — and the studio is “in no rush” to hire someone to immediately kickstart the movie. “I think we’re going to let it air out a bit before we approach another director,” says the source. “The one good thing, after losing Darren and what’s going on in Japan, is that we have a great script and the star attached and ready to go.” In fact, given that so many key elements are already in place, the source says it’s still possible that a new director could ramp up production on The Wolverine as early as this summer.

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