Friday. Friday. Got to get down on Friday. Rebecca Black, the teenage singer whose music video, “Friday,” has become an Internet sensation, appeared on this morning’s Good Morning America. ABC’s Andrea Canning initially said she thought the song “was king of catchy,” but then she proceeded to read the worst of Black’s hate-mail and give the teen a singing test (At least she got the national anthem’s words right!). To her credit, Black handled the criticism well, saying that “Even a person who doesn’t like it — it’s going to be stuck in their heads, so that’s the point of it. It’s a catchy song.” She acknowledged that she wasn’t the best singer in the world, and then got all cute and girly when she made a plea to record a duet with Justin Bieber. “Just thinking of it gives me butterflies,” she said. “That would just make my life.”

But about that song, PopWatchers. Is it really that bad to inspire such Internet hatred. And can we give the girl some credit for at least pushing Charlie Sheen slightly into the background?

Friday. Friday. Got to get down on Friday.

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