By EW Staff
Updated March 18, 2011 at 04:00 AM EDT

David Cook, ”Don’t You (Forget About Me)”
Blasphemy, you say. I say: Just give it a listen. Somehow — and completely improbably — the seventh-season Idol winner’s growl and seductive la-la-la-las transform Simple Minds’ Breakfast Club anthem into an appealing piece of 21st-century pop. (It’s also now Idol‘s official send-off song for departing contestants.) Somewhere Judd Nelson is raising his fist. B+
—Henry Goldblatt

Willow Smith, ”21st Century Girl”
She has two very involved (and very famous) parents to keep her in line, but 10-year-old Smith is in full rebel mode on the driving follow-up to ”Whip My Hair,” cooing like a tween hybrid of Rihanna and Ke$ha on the rock-pop cut. Not so fast, young lady! You’ve still got a bedtime. B
—Brad Wete

TV on the Radio, ”Will Do”
The often-chaotic Brooklyn rockers go pleasingly soft on this ”lovesick lullaby,” a swirling haze of shuddery percussion and echo-chamber vocals from Nine Types of Light (out April 12). A-
—Leah Greenblatt