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Welcome to the final Live-From-PaleyFest edition of Spoiler Room! I’ll be back next Tuesday, coming at you once again from Midtown Manhattan, so if you don’t see scoop on your favorite show, send an email to and ask away! Or pose your questions on Twitter, too: @EWSandraG.


Over six seasons, fans of How I Met Your Mother have clamored for clues about the mother’s identity, a mystery that is likely to go on for a while, considering the comedy was recently picked up for two more seasons. (Insert giant “woo” here.) We will, however, soon have an answer to the show’s second-biggest question — Who is Barney’s dad? — when John Lithgow guests as pa Stinson, Jerry.

In March 21’s “Legendaddy,” Barney is disappointed with what he discovers about his not-as-awesome-as-imagined father, but he doesn’t stay upset for long. In Lithgow’s second appearance, on April 18’s tentatively titled “Scary Jerry,” Barney looks to reignite his father’s lost fire…Barney style. “This second episode is Barney trying to re-awaken the beast within his father. His father used to be this badass, and that’s part of the reason he wasn’t there for Barney,” co-creator and executive producer Craig Thomas teases exclusively to EW. “They have a wild night together, but it comes with steep repercussions.”

In the end, the lasting effect on them both is surprising. “I think these little incremental steps we see in which Barney grows up are always wonderful. Even though he’s not going to stop being Barney any time soon; it’s nice to see,” Thomas says.

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You won’t be surprised to hear that the Pretty Little Liars finale ends with a nail-biting cliffhanger – every episode does, right? But that’s where safe assumptions about the finale end. In general, the only way to get any indication of the twists and turns on the horizon on this show is through inside dish from one of the show’s pretty little stars. So that’s exactly where we turned. “It’s a finale. We’re not going to let you down,” Troian Bellisario (Spencer) tells EW. “One of the my favorite lines from Spencer is ‘This started with murder. We were crazy to think it wouldn’t end up here.’ It’s life or death in Rosewood.”

While Liars fans have become accustomed to the darkness of the show’s murder-based mystery plotline, Bellisario says we should brace ourselves for an envelope-pushing finale. “I think that young people can handle a lot more than we give them credit for,” she says. “I think the writers were exploring something that’s truly risky for ABC Family. And it was the writers kind of being, like, ‘This happens in the world. The world isn’t nice, it isn’t pretty.’ They don’t shy away from that. In this finale episode, you’ll see a secret come out about someone in the town that’s truly perverse.” Could this have to do with Ian, whose full story we learn in the finale? She wouldn’t say. But she did dish on what’s to come with the mystery of A.

“The girls are pretty much set on who ‘A’ is in the last episode because the girls have a conversation with the person we think is A. But the aim is that we’re sort of shaking hands with the devil. We’re playing with this person to try to find out what happened with Ali and what’s going to happen in our future,” she says. “But the girls have been wrong in the past.”

For more on Spencer and Toby, season 2, and some non-spoilery finale talk, check InsideTV Monday for my full chat with Bellisario!


Holy smokes. What an episode we saw on Wednesday! As many of you commented in Ken Tucker’s review of Paget Brester’s final episode, that’s how you do an exit! But if you’re like me, you’re asking the inevitable question: What the heck is next?

I hopped on the phone with Thomas Gibson (Hotch) to talk about the next new episode, “With Friends Like These,” which airs March 30, and learned about where the team goes from here. “We are all reeling, and yet, there is work to be done, and there’s a case we need to summon all of our professionalism for and dive into,” he tells EW. “We have a community who needs us, and they need us no less in that particular moment in our family’s history, no less than they would in any other moment. I think as the unit chief, [Hotch] is trying to keep everybody focused and keep himself on track as well. It’s something that obviously could be a cause for collapse, but there’s too much at stake to let that happen.”

As chief and backbone of BAU, Gibson says Hotch takes his role even more seriously as the loss of Emily threatens to briefly derail them. “She feels like one of the essential limbs of the team, and now that limb has been cut off and they are missing it and missing her. They very acutely feel the loss,” he explains. “I think, at that point, he doesn’t have internal dialogue about that. I think the internal dialogue needs to take place, and it will take place at an appropriate time and moment, but it should not take away from the time the team is needed and when they need him.”

“There are going to be repercussions emotionally, and it’s not going to be easily digested and moved on from.”

Want more Gibson? (Of course you do!) Check ITV next week for additional goodies from our chat, including word on whether he’ll be back for CM‘s season 7!


Thank you for your Nathan Fillion cover! I love Castle and am going to frame it. Now that you’re buttered up, maybe you can give us something on Castle? — Cassandra

Dealing with bloody crime scenes, you’d think Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic) were used to seeing red, but that’s far from the case when the mystery writer notices his writing mentor catching his partner’s eye in an upcoming episode titled “The Dead Pool.” “Beckett thinks [Castle’s friend] is funny, and Castle suffers a bit of muse jealousy,” teases executive producer Laurie Zaks. “[Castle] sets out to set him straight.”

Grey’s Anatomy scoop, please! — Samantha

Those anticipating another massive-disaster finale can stop waiting. Creator Shonda Rhimes is taking it lower key this season (so the docs can leave their bullet-proof vests at home). That’s not to say viewers won’t walk away completely shocked, though. “I expect to hear a lot this summer that I broke all my promises to my fans, but we’re talking about growth in tremendous ways for our characters,” she hints.

Any word on what’s going to happen on 30 Rock’s 100th episode? — Sharon

Three words: Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice! Former president Bill Clinton won’t be showcasing his comedy chops after his people reportedly turned down a chance for him to cameo in the show’s hourlong 100th episode, but his loss is Michael Keaton’s gain! A source confirms the actor will appear in the landmark episode, airing April 21. (Not dressed as Beetlejuice, unfortunately.)

Any Parks and Recreation news? Bonus if it’s Andy-related. — Andrea

Well, this is sort of Andy-related. Rather, it’s related to Chris Pratt — it’s Anna Faris coming to Parks! We hope. “The writers are dying to work it out,” explains Anna Faris’ husband and Parks and Recreation star Chris Pratt. “Megan Mullally came on as Ron’s ex-wife, and that’s going to be a tough act to follow.”

This morning I watched this week’s Glee and the moment that Kurt and Blaine finally kissed I felt emotional all of a sudden! But I worry… how will Blaine + Kurt fit in with nationals? Since Warblers are well… canary dead. And how will their relationship evolve? — Ingmar

Hope this Glee scoop I posted earlier helps answer some of those inquiries about the couple and Blaine’s new direction with New Directions in season 3. Bonus scoop for Finchel fans (and to borrow your term): things may not be “canary dead” for the pair. On the red carpet at PaleyFest, Cory Monteith told a group of reporters, “I think Finn is being used by Quinn for her prom queen aspirations. I think he’s going to wise up to that at some point. Maybe that’s going to send him in the other direction…”

Will either of the Winchester boys be getting any love sometime soon? It’s been a while since we’ve been treated to them shirtless! — Lori

The things I do… Yes, I asked this question just for you. Ever the gentleman, Jared Padalecki was happy to answer: “Not this season. I think we might have to come back for season 7. I think Sam has been so burned in romance, I think he’s done. I think he’s found the one he really likes –- well, I certainly did,” he said, glancing over to his new wife and Supernatural alum Genevieve Cortese.

I heard Supernatural is going to get pretty serious in the last few episodes, which is sad. I love their funny moments even more than the drama sometimes. Are there any fun episode coming up to break up the sad? — Diandra

I don’t think there are whole episode of funny (See: “The French Mistake”) but there is certainly some funny on the way. The next episode back, for instance, shows us the world that would exist if the Titanic never sank. (Balthazar decides he doesn’t like the end of the movie and decides to save the ship.) “It’s kind of about the butterfly effect of that,” she said. Other exciting moments coming up: Dean’s showdown at high noon. Sam on horseback. A saloon girl hitting on Dean.

What ever happened to the Glee show that Ryan Murphy was supposedly developing for Kristen Chenoweth? I haven’t seen it mentioned in any of the pilot reports? Thanks! — Amanda

Well, considering K. Cheno just joined a pilot from Sex and the City EP Darren Star (titled Good Christian Bitches), I’d say it’s safe to say it’s on hold. Meanwhile, as mentioned in my earlier Glee post, she is teaming up with Murphy and Co. for one more episode of Glee this season. And this time around, she’ll be singing a Glee original titled “It’s 10 a.m and I’m drunk” when her character returns to Lima to put on a one-woman showed called “Crossroads” (or maybe it’s “CrossRhodes”?), after her all-white version of The Wiz turns out to be a stinker.

Community!! Something on “Modern Warfare II,” especially! — Tami

Do you like Westerns? Hope so! I’d been dying to find out more about how the group’s second go at a paintball-themed episode would differ from the first, and earlier this week at PaleyFest, Dan Harmon elaborated for me. “The first was just a straight homage to the general action movie stuff I grew up on and loved. This one focuses more on the Western genre — who’s faster on the draw,” he said. “It’s less hack-and-slash-Die Hard and more Sergio Leone, with crazy manly characters dividing themselves by how and when they use their guns.” Sound great — and I hope it includes another shot of Joel McHale’s giant guns. Or is that just me? Fine.

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

What’s the word on Shirley’s baby on Community? — Lauren

You’ll find out definitively by the time the finale comes around! But if I had to make a guess (file under informed speculation), I’d say we’re setting up Chang — who clearly wants the job as babydaddy — for some heartbreak. I tried to get some clues out of Yvette Nicole Brown this week, but — much like Shirley — she had a sunny outlook on both scenarios. “I think Shirley has been excited about the idea of the baby the whole way through, especially since her husband made it clear that he didn’t care. ‘If it’s mine, it’s mine; if it’s not, it’s not.’ I mean, I hope there’s not a lot of women in this predicament, but those who go on Maury who are in this predicament, I think you would want the man you love to say it’s okay. I don’t think it’s too big of an issue to her.”

Did I see something about a Community flashback episode? — Stephen

It wasn’t a hallucination. There will be a clip-show made up of entirely brand new footage that will take us back in time and teach us new things about each character. Naturally, I grilled every available cast member for more and inched my way slowly to more information. My findings are below:

Gillian Jacobs (Britta): “There are probably some things she doesn’t want people to know. She’s going to annoy a lot of people. There are a lot of annoying memories…and you learn more about her cats.”

Ken Jeong (Señor Chang): “It was one of the funniest things I’ve ever been a part of.”

Yvette Nicole Brown (Shirley): “We find out a lot of really funny things about everybody. A lot of interesting scenarios, interesting pairings, and a lot of interesting situations. You will see the study group in a lot of different ways.”

Dan Harmon, creator: “Yes, the memories episode. It’s the first table read I’ve ever been at where there was a standing ovation and an applause break. The applause break was for Jim Rash, who plays the dean. He just did a run that was two pages long in the script and everyone in the room just applauded. It’s basically a clip show, kind of. They’re not clips, though; we made up the clips. And you’ll learn a lot about different relationships.”

Joel McHale (Jeff): “I will say that they will go all around the world and most of them are based in reality. And the 22 minutes go by in about 4 minutes.”

Hi, I love your column and am thrilled that it’s now twice weekly. Some spoiler scoopage on Justified, please! — Susola

I hope some Boyd news will do the trick. In a chat with reporters this week, Walton Goggins hinted to a big moment of realization coming up for the ever-evolving character that — if you’ve been as awed as I have by this character this season — sounds completely fantastic. “Coming up in three or four episodes, you’re basically going to see what Boyd has taken away from this introspective, this journey within. He’s going to be able to articulate this in a way that Boyd would articulate this, in a poetic way. He’s going to just lay it all out there. Like having taken the time and looked at life from all these different angles, this is what I walk away with,” he says. “It’s beautiful, and in some ways, I think for the audience, hopefully you’ll really understand this guy and not just feel sympathy for him, but you’ll kind of understand it from a birds-eye point of view and you’ll see kind of his worldview laid out in a way that makes sense.”

House scoopage please. Tell me that Huddy isn’t over! Please! — Bill

I would…but I can’t. Sorry, Bill. From the sounds of it, Huddy is certainly over for the time being. Lisa Edelstein tells me that while she thinks “they’ll always love each other,” their relationship is, for the time being, pretty much done. “She didn’t say she fell out of love with him, she just said she couldn’t handle a relationship with him,” she says. “I think the people who are really, really Huddy obsessed will only be happy with Huddy, but that’s not what the show is about. It’s about his journey, and she’s a part of his journey. Their relationship will continue in whatever form it continues. Every relationship is a valid form. So perhaps now they can get even closer in other ways because they’ll no longer be tangled in that specific way.”

Is Raj ever going to get over his fear of women? — Luke

He does! In episode 22, Raj brings Sheldon along as he tests out a new drug (think drunk Raj) that helps him get over his issue. The problem is that is works a little too well. There might be public nudity involved.

Any chance Laurie and Travis will ever hook up, and get the “cougar” back in Cougar Town? — Love Karen

Well, Busy Philipps did tell me last week that Laurie would be helping the youngster get back on track after a rough patch this season. Although, I’m not sure this is what she had in mind. This calls for a vote! Would you like to see this sorta twisted hookup, CT fans? Cast your vote in comments.

I’d love to see Reid [Matthew Gray Gubler] and Ashley [Rachel Nichols] become “closer” on Criminal Minds. Any chance that’s going to happen? — Peggy

Not if you ask Gubler. He seems to have his own ideas for the type of girl who would catch the doc’s eye. “I think Reid’s girl would be more of a champion knitter. I think he would fall in love with someone who couldn’t kick down a door. He’d be happy with a masseuse, or a woman who makes candles, or a champion yodeller. Oh, or a Himalayan Sherpa,” he tells me with a shocking amount of enthusiasm. “Someone from the Himalayan mountains would be his dream girl.” Hmm… that doesn’t sound like the type of girl you find in a coffee shop, Gube. May I recommend a personal ad?

Hawaii 5-0 scoop, please! — Patty

We saw Scott Caan’s character hobbling around on a cane earlier this season after the actor injured himself on set. But come episode 22, Danno will long for the days when he was limping around when he finds himself confined to a hospital bed.

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