Will Smith, Julianne Moore, and more stars who made the cut

By Dan Snierson
Updated March 18, 2011 at 04:00 AM EDT

1. Men in Black III began filming with only first act of script finished
Asked if he was worried about shooting without a complete story, Will Smith waved a fancy penlight in front of reporters and said, ”You have no idea.”

2. Julianne Moore cast as Sarah Palin in HBO movie
After playing it safe as a drugged-out porn star and a cheating lesbian, she’s finally ready to tackle a controversial role.

3. Ivan Reitman working on Baywatch big-screen comedy
On how he plans to adapt the series, Reitman vows, ”Faithfully.”

4. Quentin Tarantino sues neighbor Alan Ball for allegedly installing noisy bird menagerie; says he can’t concentrate on writing
On the plus side, he’s got a great idea for a new movie: Kill Ball.

5. Metallica’s Lars Ulrich cast as documentarian in Ernest Hemingway TV movie
It’s not that strange when you remember that Hemingway basically stole the plot of For Whom the Bell Tolls from track 3 on Ride the Lightning.

6. Kelly Osbourne bitten on face by spider
Spidey called it ”cryptic retribution for a bat that shall remain nameless…and headless.”

7. Lindsay Lohan maintains innocence; given until March 25 to accept plea deal in necklace case
If she rejects it and goes to trial, she’ll face the prospect of up to six more months of media attention.

8. Martha Stewart announces birth of granddaughter on her show
She’s seven pounds, three ounces, comes with matching eyes, and if wrapped in animal-themed clothing and scented with baby powder, makes for a festive centerpiece.

9. Kelly Preston defends Charlie Sheen: ”There’s a beautiful person in there. He really is a great man”
Sheen called her unexpected support a ”real shot in the arm” for his cause.

10. Britney Spears declares new album her most ”mature” yet
If she didn’t believe it, she wouldn’t have tattooed it on her inner thighs.