Frenchie Davis
Credit: Paul Archuleta/

A singer famously kicked off American Idol for her risque online photos is getting a second chance of stardom thanks to a show where judges aren’t allowed to even see the contestants.

Davis auditioned during a Thursday taping of the show by performing Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl.” The show’s “coaches” Judges Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton rejected the singer, but Christina Aguilera voted “yes,” putting Davis on her team. On The Voice, judges cannot see the contestants until after they’ve rendered a verdict.

“Frenchie is an interesting personality who was left high and dry by Idol,” said an insider on the show. “It’s an amazing story that Christina picked her despite not having a clue who she was.”

Davis was an Idol semi-finalist on season two when producers disqualified her for online photos that were taken when she was 19. The insider said viewers shouldn’t expect The Voice to become a refuge for rejected Idol contestants, but that the show won’t shy away from letting recognizable singers audition either. “The intent here is not to find unknown stars from little towns, it’s about finding the best voice.”

The Voice premieres on April 26.