Readers weight in on our choice for last week's cover; plus more letters from the week of Mar. 18, 2011

By EW Staff
Updated March 18, 2011 at 04:00 AM EDT

While our usual Oscar special commemorating the big night was still inside the issue, only one man dominated the headlines the morning after — and made the cover

Thank you for putting Charlie Sheen [left] on your cover. As a single parent, I find it difficult to explain to my son why he should continue to avoid taking drugs or hanging around those who do. The next time the subject comes up, all I’ll have to do is show him Sheen’s face on your cover. Question answered. Problem solved. Case closed.
— James Lee Tumblin, Kaneohe, Hawaii

I’m as interested in the Charlie Sheen saga as the next person, but I was disappointed to see Sheen on the cover instead of an Oscar wrap-up. Why not feature Colin Firth or Natalie Portman [right] instead of a man whose mis-treatment of women should have branded him unemployable years ago?
— Emily Crossan, Hoboken, N.J.

And He Doesn’t Drink Tiger Blood

Jess Cagle’s ”Charlie, The Sheen Is Gone” hits the nail right on the head. No matter how special Charlie Sheen believes he is, the reality is that Two and a Half Men might survive without him, though I’m not certain the show could survive without Jon Cryer. After all, how often does a Felix Unger come along?
Michael Reimann

Oscar Roundup

”How to Fix the Oscars” was good, but I’d suggest moving the ceremony to a Friday or Saturday. In the real world, we have jobs that require us to be up early on Monday. If it were on Friday or Saturday, it would be easier to have a party based around the show. And given the decline in viewers this year, why not move it to a night with less competition?
Eva Whitley
Laurel, Md.

My suggestion would be a perfect pairing of hosts — like Jon Hamm and Betty White. Jon can do no wrong. (Plus, he’s pretty easy on the eyes!) And who needs young hosts to keep the Oscars ”hip”? Last time I checked, everyone of all ages loved Betty, and she’d bring some much-needed comic relief!
Noreen Kroslin
Hamilton, N.J.

True Contenders

It’s always fun seeing the Oscar voters’ often bizarre choices taken to task, so I enjoyed your Most Overrated Best Picture Winners Ever list (DVD & Downloads); however, if there were ever two more staggeringly overrated winners than the interminable The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King and Titanic, then I’ll be the king of the world.
David Salter
Los Angeles

I love these types of discussions. My only gripe with your list is the exclusion of Out of Africa (1985). I still shudder when I think it beat out Witness, The Color Purple, and a not-even-nominated Brazil.
DJ Honstain
Grosse Pointe, Mich.

Another overrated winner: Shakespeare in Love from 1998. The Academy blew this one by not rewarding Saving Private Ryan, especially the D-Day invasion scene, one of the most intense 20 minutes on film.
David Long
Rocklin, Calif.