The inimitable Amy Poehler stopped by her old SNL castmate Jimmy Fallon's show last night to chat about everything from her hilarious NBC sitcom — EW even got a shoutout for our Parks and Rec cover! — to Will Forte's neck beard. While there, she also revealed a tidbit of information that might just cause an Internet explosion: She wants Bill Murray to guest-star on the show as Pawnee's much-discussed but never seen Mayor Gunderson. Because the comedy legend is notoriously elusive, Poehler took this opportunity to address him directly, saying, "Bill Murray, if you're listening, I will pay you $250 to do one episode of my show." Who could turn down such a generous offer?

I, for one, certainly hope Bill happened to be watching Late Night on Wednesday; he'd be great guesting on any show, but I have a feeling he'd fit in particularly well on a quirky gem like Parks and Rec. Watch the clip for yourself below, then tell me: Are you on board with this idea? Or do you have someone else in mind for Mayor Gunderson?

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