By Tanner Stransky
Updated March 17, 2011 at 12:00 PM EDT

By now, you’ve probably run your iPod dead by having Jennifer Lopez’s hot single “On the Floor” on near-constant repeat. (I know I have!) And you’ve no doubt been wondering: When are we getting more new J.Lo? (Again, I know I have!) And the answer is: right now! You didn’t think her PR machine would really let her huge American Idol TV platform go to waste with just one measly single, right? Right!

“Invading My Mind,” apparently the latest song from Jennifer Lopez’s forthcoming album Love?, has leaked onto the internets, and shocker: It’s real dancy and frenetic! Between “On the Floor” and this new “Invading My Mind,” she’s really made a glittery return to her extreme club/“Waiting for Tonight” roots. Sure, “Mind” may be shallower than the kiddie pool, but this one is up from the first second…and never goes down. Yes! Take a listen to a leak here:

See? It’s another club banger. You can thank producer RedOne — who produced half the album — for that. I’m ready for Saturday night to get here already so I can go ahead and hear it in the clurb (yes, I said clurb). Multiple times. And the remixes — I’m overheated just thinking about them. Your thoughts?

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