March 17, 2011 at 09:01 PM EDT
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Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the Jackass gang! Wee Man trekked all the way to the Emerald Isle for the making of Jackass 3.5, the digital-only followup to October’s surprise blockbuster that premieres on on Apr. 1. The new full-length webisodes will feature all-new footage from Johnny Knoxville and his merry band of idiots, including Steve-O’s close encounter with a snapping turtle and the perfect prank that finally tripped up Johnny himself. Check out an exclusive photo of the boys being (stupid) boys below:


I don’t think this shot needs too much set-up. It’s just a man hitting another man. With a fish. In the head. It’s kind of a jackass thing to do.

Jackass 3-D ended up pulling in $117 million, and like any great auteur, the gang simply shot too much footage for one movie. Hence, Jackass 3.5, though Knoxville has said that they shot additional stunts in Europe specifically for 3.5.

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