By Tim Stack
Updated March 17, 2011 at 06:47 PM EDT
Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images

What do 2,000 Gleeks sound like when they’re all together watching Tuesday’s episode “Original Song”? LOUD. They are very, very loud. Last night, I had the privilege of moderating the Glee PaleyFest panel at the Saban Theater in Los Angeles during which producers opted to screen this week’s crazy-good episode. Backstage, the cast and creators, including Jane Lynch, Matthew Morrison, Ryan Murphy, and Brad Falchuk, watched the episode and could hear the joyous fan reaction (the Blaine/Kurt kiss definitely seemed to be the favorite moment).

Finally, the Glee group gathered on stage for a lively discussion. Here are my highlights:

  • Kevin McHale discussing Artie’s fondness for finger-wagging and testifying during performances.
  • Naya Rivera saying that her happy ending for “Brittana” would be for Santana to get Brittany pregnant.
  • Co-creator/exec producer Ian Brennan pushing for fans to start calling them “Santittany” instead…which sounds vaguely dirty.
  • Chris Colfer accidentally revealing that Kurt was coming back to McKinley — yay!
  • The news that there will be an entire episode dedicated to Fleetwood Mac’s iconic Rumours album.
  • Murphy discussing the mysterious New Directions piano player, Brad, and saying that his one note to the actor was that his character hated the glee kids. Genius.
  • Kristen Chenoweth returning this season and singing the original song, crafted by Brennan, called “It’s 10 a.m….and I’m Drunk.”
  • Murphy saying that Gwyneth Paltrow will likely come back in season 3! Dear Gwyneth, stop doing movies and just join Glee. Love, Tim.
  • Murphy also revealed that he’s plotting for Blaine to audition for New Directions in season three.
  • The Gleek stampede when the panel ended and the entire audience appeared to rush the stage for autographs…for the cast, not so much for poor Tim.

It was a great night overall. If you were at the panel last night, what were your favorite moments?

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