By Jeff Labrecque
March 16, 2011 at 08:10 PM EDT
Ryan Miller/Getty Images

Rush Limbaugh isn’t keen on recycling. In fact, the conservative radio talk show host just thinks it’s adorable that the poor folks in Japan are still making the effort after their lives were devastated by the tsunami last week. On yesterday’s show, he ridiculed ABC World News’ Diane Sawyer, who took special notice of the recycling efforts at one of the refugee camps in Japan. A like-minded caller sarcastically asked why Gaia (Greek for Mother Earth) would so cruelly punish a people responsible for the environmentally-conscious Prius and a dynamic public transportation system, and who take recycling seriously. Limbaugh agreed, going on to say:

“The Japanese have done so much to save the planet. He’s right. They’ve given us the Prius. Even now, refugees are still recycling their garbage, and yet Gaia levels them [laughs], just wipes them out. Wipes out their nuclear plants, all kinds of radiation. What kind of payback is this? That is an excellent question. They invented the Prius. In fact, where Gaia blew up is right where they make all these electric cars. That’s where the tsunami hit. All those brand-new electric cars sitting there on the lot. I like the way this guy was thinking. It’s like — it’s like Gaia hit the Prius in [inaudible]. It’s like they were in the crosshairs, if we can use that word, it does. What is Gaia trying to tell us here? What is the mother of environmentalism trying to say with this hit? Great observation out there, Chris.”

Great observation? I’m confused. Is Limbaugh saying that the Mother Nature actually demolished this area of Japan particularly because of its dedication to environmentalism? No. That would be crazy. Then is he saying that green initiatives like recycling are futile because they don’t guarantee against natural disasters? No? Because that’s what it sounds like.

Of course, the segment on ABC World News that Limbaugh found so ridiculous was actually about more than recycling. It was about the resilience of the Japanese people to come together as one body. There haven’t been any reports of looting in Japan since the earthquake, they’ve maintained a sense of order, and yes, they are recycling. Because even though the last few yesterdays have been horrible, Japan is still looking towards and preparing for its future.

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