Reasons I’m digging the Justin Timberlake- and Mila Kunis-starring Friends With Benefits much more than its already-released look-a-like No Strings Attached: The film co-stars awesome folk like Emma Stone, Andy Samburg, Woody Harrelson, and Patricia Clarkson (in S&M attire!); appears to be rife with ’90s references (hello Kriss Kross and Semisonic!); and doesn’t use the non-existent term “Sex Friends.” Also, I officially buckled my seat belt on the Mila Kunis bandwagon hearing her utter this line in the new trailer while bemoaning the myths romantic comedies perpetuate: “Shut up, Katherine Heigl. You stupid liar!” Sigh, if only she was directing that to Izzie Stevens circa 2008. Watch the trailer embedded after the jump, and hope that that childhood photo of Timberlake is real.

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