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Updated March 16, 2011 at 07:00 PM EDT
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Is there anything Courtney Love can do to shock us anymore? Apparently, yes: A new book claims that the grunge rock widow wanted to snort up some of her deceased husband’s ashes back in 1994. Well, that’s one way to be together for eternity.

Music journalist Neil Strauss alleges in his just-released collection of rock interviews that he was with the Hole singer in her L.A. home shortly after Cobain’s suicide when “she leaped off her bed and suddenly said, ‘Say hi to Kurt,'” proceeding to pull out the Nirvana frontman’s cremated remains.

Strauss claims the recently widowed Love “was serious when she made the suggestion” but lost interest when she found out he kept his nasal membranes clean regardless of the substance in question.

“Too bad you don’t do coke,” Love said, according to Strauss. “Otherwise I’d suggest taking a metal straw to it.” Well obviously Courtney, what else would you use? You can ask Keith Richards, who confirmed last year that he had, in fact, huffed up a bit of his father’s remains.

What do you think? Do you believe Strauss’ claim or do you think it’s odd this bizarre story has remained untold for 17 years until it was time for him to release this book? (The non-fiction collection is entitled Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead, for those interested). And if this is true, is wanting to snort your dead husband’s ashes more or less weird than taking a hit of your dead father’s? Or are these questions you just don’t want to ask yourself?

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