By Annie Barrett
Updated March 15, 2011 at 04:50 PM EDT
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Congratulations, Zune owners: Your Zune is now an antique. Microsoft Corp., will stop introducing new versions of the Zune music and video player “because of tepid demand.”

Didn’t everybody have a either a close encounter or a near-miss with a Zune at one time or another? Your roommate got one from work and never opened it. Maybe you got one once from like a stupid auction or something and never opened it.

I dated a Zune guy a few times. It’s not WHY I didn’t want to see him anymore, but it definitely didn’t help. I could never keep a straight face when asking about his Zune, and I did this often — not really to make a point, but because it amused me. “How’s your Zune doing?” I would say, again and again, over the grisly burgers and tepid draft beers that defined my post-grad school dead zone of late summer 2007.

What a bitch. I deserve no one.

What are your fondest memories of the Microsoft Zune?

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