Credit: Michael Kovac/

If Donald Trump indeed decides to run for the presidency in 2012, he’ll hold a unique distinction. He’ll be likely the first White House hopeful to have endured a Comedy Central roast.

Though he won’t be making an official announcement until June, that didn’t stop the comedians on hand at The Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump (airing tonight at 10:30 pm EST) from talking to EW on the red carpet about his threatened possible bid. Roastmaster Seth MacFarlane fired the opening salvo with, “I don’t know if I could vote for a guy whose resting facial expression is ‘Who farted?’” During the show proper, he’d go on to critique The Donald’s smear-thick New York accent by noting, “It’s pronounced ‘I am f—ing delusional’ not ‘I am running for president.’”

Professional celebrity-skewer Lisa Lampanelli agreed, when she told EW, “[Trump] shouldn’t be running for anything except to get a new stylist for his hair.” Jeffrey Ross, on the other hand, weighed in that he’d support Trump’s candidacy, but “only if he picks Snoop Dogg as his running mate.” Speaking of which, what does Mr. Dogg think? When we asked him if he’d support the Trump 2012 campaign, he just stared for a moment before saying, “Against Obama? Hell, no!” That said, during the roast itself Snoop would acknowledge that “it wouldn’t be the first time Donald’s pushed a black family out of their home.”

Roast MVP Whitney Cummings actually took a more serious tone. “At this point, the presidency’s such a f—ing joke that I guess it sort of makes sense, based on who our candidates were last time [in 2008],” she said. “It’s just a publicity stunt. It couldn’t get any stupider than [Trump] running.”

But is The Donald serious about being our next Commander-in-Chief? He certainly seemed to be when we spoke to him backstage after the show. “I feel that the country is being terribly run right now,” Trump said. “It’s very sad what’s happening to our country. We’re being taken advantage of by many other countries in the world, whether it’s China, South Korea, the OPEC countries. Everybody is looking at us as a whipping post. What this country needs is a person who’s already very successful in charge.”

Despite his in-no-way-self-aggrandizing desire to enhance America’s standing in the global community, Trump was careful to leave himself a face-saving out: “I’ve always heard that it’s very, very hard for a very successful person to run for public office. Especially because I’ve won a lot of battles, and I’ve beaten a lot of people, and those people don’t like me. That’s true of other very, very successful people. But what this country needs is a very successful person.” So when if Trump’s presidential prospects decline faster than ratings for a non-Gary-Busey-fronted season of The Apprentice, he has his excuse. He’s too successful.

Are the roasters on point? Would you ever consider voting for The Donald for condo-board president, let alone leader of the free world? And if Trump did get in the White House, how would he re-brand it? Would it become the Trump Mahal?