By Tanner Stransky
Updated December 20, 2019 at 08:26 AM EST
Celine Dion
Credit: Reuters/Gary Hershorn/Landov

Musical diva extraordinaire Celine Dion officially opens her new big-event show, Celine, at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas tonight. Can you even handle your excitement?!? By several accounts, like this recent one in Newsweek that asks the question “Can Celine Dion Save Las Vegas?” in its headline, Dion’s return to Vegas is literally seen as a second coming and reason enough for a resort city that suffers from 14 percent unemployment to hope again.

And why wouldn’t there be hope for Celine, considering all that her last razzle-dazzle Las Vegas outing, A New Day..., was? Do you remember the hubbub around it? Literally, she began the show on March 2003, in a 4,000-seat area that was specifically built for her show. Opening night was attended by stars as illustrious as Dick Clark, Kathy Griffin, and Justin Timberlake. She regularly sold out the show through the end of its run in late 2007. Ticket prices averaged $135.33! So You Think You Can Dance‘s Mia Michaels choreographed the show! She sang her hits! The whole thing grossed $400 million by the end of its run, with nearly 3 millions fans attending. What more could you want?

If history tells us anything it’s that Celine will be a smashing success, without question. Dion has already promised that the show will feature, in addition to some music from classic Hollywood films, “all the songs from my repertoire that people want to hear.” How could “The Power of Love” or “My Heart Will Go On” do Sin City wrong? You’re right: They can’t. Are you excited for Celine’s return to Vegas? Will you attend? Sound off below.

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