Tina Fey Steve Martin
Credit: Janet Mayer/PR Photos; PRN/PR Photos

Tina Fey and Steve Martin are putting on a show together in Los Angeles April 19th to talk about their books. Unlike lower profile authors who often have to road-trip to near-empty bookstores to hock their tomes, Fey and Martin will be gracing the Nokia Theater stage for a paying audience (tickets are on sale for $29 to $119). Martin will be talking about his art world novel An Object of Beauty, and Fey will be promoting her highly anticipated Bossypants.

If he can survive a verbal beatdown from Oprah, he can survive anything: James Frey clearly isn’t afraid of controversy. His new book, The Final Testament of the Holy Bible, centers on the second coming of Christ, only his Messiah is a pot-smoking, prostitute-soliciting alcoholic from the Bronx. Yikes–let the firestorm begin!

Have you had enough of Bill O’Reilly’s bold and fresh takes on politics and culture? Too bad. He’s set to release Bolder and Fresher: The Factor Years (Holt) this fall, a sequel to his best-selling memoir A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity. Around the same time, Holt will also release his other book Killing Lincoln: The Assassination that Changed America Forever.

Midnight’s Children author Salman Rushdie is writing an ambitious Showtime drama about contemporary American society, which will take on “politics, sex, religion, science and technology.”

Author (and my current creative writing professor!) Helen Schulman lays out philosophies on re-writing and self-editing. 2011’s National Book Critics Circle Award winner Jennifer Egan writes freehand and doesn’t revise until she’s done with an entire manuscript. Cynthia Ozick never writes a second draft. In the end, though, every writer has to come up with his or her own way of writing and revising.

UPDATE: Tina Fey and Steve Martin will be putting on ONE show together in Los Angeles, not going on a joint book tour as previously stated. Apologies for the confusion.