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Ever since Sam got his soul back in episode 11 of this season’s Supernatural and the horrific memories of his one year without a soul were trapped behind a wall in his mind, we’ve been left to wonder if the wall would ever come tumbling down. Well, brace yourself.

At PaleyFest’s salute to Supernatural Sunday evening at Saban Theater in Los Angeles, executive producer Eric Kripke revealed that in the season finale, Sam’s wall is going to crumble.

“We’re going to deal head-on with the story of what happens when those memories come flooding loose. That’s in the finale, which I just wrote and turned into Sera [Gamble] yesterday,” he revealed.

When the wall was constructed by Death, the brothers were warned that the mental and physical consequences of its destruction could be dire — and we shivered in fear at the thought of Sam in that awful condition. According to star Jared Padalecki, we should be scared.

“We’re saving the best for last — and the scariest for last. It does come down, and as Death warned, it’s a catastrophe,” he told EW. “Sam has to battle something he’s never battled before, which is himself.”

“Sam is going to have to ultimately confront what he did soul-less and did in hell. There’s a lot of Sam soul searching,” he added.

In related finale scoop: Kripke said fans can look for everything to “come to a head,” including the war in heaven, the showdown with the Mother of All, and the mystery behind Purgatory. “It’s just sort of turning everything up into a high boil,” he said.

And in case you were wondering, showrunner Gamble confirmed that fans will be stumping hard for a seventh season after watching the finale — because it’s a monster of a cliffhanger.

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