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Another celebrity weighs in on the Sheenpocalypse: Seth MacFarlane, who worked with Charlie Sheen during the Two and a Half Men star’s guest stint on Family Guy last year, said Warner Bros., made the right call in dismissing the actor.

“You know, it’s a tough question,” MacFarlane told EW at The Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump. “My personal experience with Charlie on Family Guy was perfectly pleasant. But given the circumstances, I do think [Warner Bros.] made the right choice. It’s hard to say if it can go on without him.”

Asked who he would nominate to replace him if the show continues, MacFarlane thought for a moment and suggested Sam Rockwell.

(We’re about 85 percent certain he was being serious — which is about as high of a percentage as you’re ever likely to get with MacFarlane).

Comedian Jeffrey Ross, asked the same thing, gave a firmly joking answer (we hope):

“I’d have to go with Larry King,” Ross said, “so [Men] would only last a few more episodes.”

What do you think? Rockwell is a name pulled out of thin air, an actor who has had no shortage of big screen roles (including the upcoming Cowboys & Aliens), so he doesn’t need or probably want a TV gig. But speaking purely hypothetically, it’s an interesting name to drop — I would watch Rockwell on a sitcom. (Reporting by Christian Blauvelt)

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