Michael Madsen
Credit: Koi Sojer/PR Photos

Actor Michael Madsen was found in contempt of court and a bench warrant was taken out for him after he missed a court date on March 2 intended to resolve his spousal and child-support debts. His ex-wife, Jeanine Madsen, is reportedly claiming that he owes her $570,000 in payments, but the actor’s lawyer, entertainment attorney Perry C. Wander, calls that figure “outrageous and completely incorrect.”

Madsen (Kill Bill) received legal custody of the couple’s two children two years ago, and Wander says that, due to inadequate representation, no accompanying child support order was modified. “There is about $50,000 that is owed, but every month, [Mrs. Madsen and her lawyers] keep adding [to that amount] because he never properly modified the child support order,” says Wander.

Madsen filed for bankruptcy in 2009, and court documents then reportedly listed his debt to his ex-wife as $350,000. “We have tried many times to settle with Mr. Madsen’s ex-wife and we’re still trying to resolve this,” says Wander. “We are looking to fully comply to the orders of the court.”

A hearing is scheduled for tomorrow, according to the Los Angeles Superior Court.

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