Undeclared, Freaks and Geeks

Watching the casts of two of the greatest gone-before-their-time shows to ever exist walk the red carpet last night at PaleyFest’s Freaks and Geeks/Undeclared reunion, it was hard not to notice how everyone had changed (or, if you’re Samm Levine, haven’t changed). This made me wonder: Where would all the characters be if we met up with them ten years later? So because I’m geek, I asked some of the stars.

Samm Levine (Neal, F&G): “Neal went to Stanford. He was top of the class, and he married a beautiful supermodel who was heiress to a Silicon Valley fortune.”

Carla Gallo (Lizzie, Undeclared): “On Sarah Marshall there’s an extra, like an Easter egg, which is Jason Segel and I in bed together. And he’s like, ‘Oh, Lizzie. Are you with Steven? Did you sleep with Steven again?’ and I’m like, ‘Eric, that was ten years ago.’ So I guess my character is with neither of them, but slept with him again. I don’t know. Maybe she’s single. I don’t think she got married. I think she’s out there annoying everyone, being too perky. Maybe still living with Rachel. They’re still single ladies on the town trying to lock down a man. [Laughs].”

John Francis Daley (Sam, F&G): “I think probably doing a job he was happy with, with a wife and several children in a suburban home. He probably didn’t go to far from Michigan. Or he lived the life that Paul Feig ended up living.”

Busy Philipps (Kim, F&G): “I think she’s Laurie Keller [Philipps’ character on Cougar Town]. I really do. I really think that Kim Kelly turned into Laurie, but she would be in the early ’90s. She’d be really into, like, the grunge scene — really into Nirvana!”

Judd Apatow (creator): also later revealed that later storylines included Kim getting pregnant and being in the school play, Linda coming back from her summer as a Dead head acid tripping, and Neal joining swing choir. “But we wouldn’t have done it with cool music,” he said.

Here are some other things I learned last night:

*Colin from the Real World: Hawaii auditioned for — and was almost cast in — Jay Baruchel’s role on Undeclared.

Seth Rogen to Baruchel: “Thank God you beat that guy.”

Jason Segel: “Yeah. The show never would have made it.”

Cue: Laughter.

* Judd Apatow cast Timm Sharp because he liked his Total cereal commercials. Seth Rogen preferred his work in the Truth anti-smoking ads.

Rogen: “You were, like, the edgy dude from the Truth ads.”

Apatow: “That’s why we did an episode where you were sick — you just looked sick.”

* Gallo doesn’t mind being the one who does all the weird sex acts in Apatow’s movies and TV shows.

Gallo: “I’m thinking of making a compilation.”

Segel: “I have the compilation.”

*James Franco once threw Philipps to the ground during an intense scene and freaked out the entire cast.

Feig: “I remember calling Judd and saying, ‘Everyone’s lost their mind…”

Philipps: “Everyone?! ONE person.”

* Jarrett Grode is doing much better with the ladies than in his Undeclared days.

Grode: “I’m a drug dealer. I do great.”

Apatow: “I think we found the guy to step in on Two and a Half Men!”

* Segel does a fantastic impression of the OMC song “How Bizarre.”

* Samm Levine did a William Shatner impression during his first audition for Neal and almost lost the role because of it. For the record, based on the the 2-second version he showed the audience, it wasn’t that bad!

* Yes, everyone remembers that Daley was a fetus when they filmed the show.

Rogen: “I will say that John Daley still believed in Santa Claus when we filmed the pilot.”

Daley: “I also didn’t have pubic hair.”

* The person who choreographed Nick’s disco dance contest scene also did Saturday Night Fever.

Feig: “I remember Jason said, ‘Don’t show me a tape or anything. I’m really good.”

Segel: “And I was!”

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