Heidecker And Wood
Credit: Clark Reinking

Starting from Nowhere is the debut CD from Heidecker & Wood, a duo comprising Tim Heidecker, who stars on Adult Swim’s Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! and that crazy comedy series’ composer, Davin Wood. Given the pair’s pedigree you might expect the album, which is out March 15, to be funny. And it is, in part. But while the tracks’ lyrics are often ludicrous—album opener “Cross Country Skiing,” for example, is an unabashed celebration of the titular winter sport—the music pays very serious homage to the soft-rock ‘70s stylings of such acts as Steely Dan, the Eagles, and Crosby, Stills, and Nash.

“Both of us have a love for, and a curiosity about, that era of music,” explains Wood. “But it’s more inspired by the solo records of people that were in bands. We’re not as interested in the Who as maybe a John Entwistle record.” Heidecker admits it was a challenge to make music which sounded authentically slick. “There’s nothing amateurish about that kind of music,” says the comedian, who is currently shooting Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie. “It took a lot of takes.” As for the words, Heidecker says that his natural instinct was, “to write lyrics that worked within the kind of music were writing but also made us laugh and were ultimately ridiculous.”

Of course, it is worth pointing out that penning a tribute to cross-country skiing is not that ludicrous given some of the actual lyrics written by some of the rock icons Heidecker & Wood musically reference. After all, Graham Nash once wrote an song about Winchester cathedral. “And Brian Wilson did one about vegetables,” laughs Wood. The pair received assistance from the rhythm section of indie rock act Rilo Kiley: Bassist Pierre de Reeder mixed the album and Jason Bossel played drums. Heidecker reveals that de Reeder and Bossel will also accompany them on a handful of live shows this spring, including a date at Largo in L.A. on April 27, and that he and his musical partner have roughed out another thirty songs. “Our second album’s going to be a full prog-jazzfest,” jokes Wood. At least, we think he’s joking.

You can check out the Heidecker & Wood track “Wedding Song” below.

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