Zack Snyder’s next movie is titled Sucker Punch, but it might as well be called Adolescent Male Fantasy: The Movie Musical in 3-D on Steroids, Exclamation Point!!!. Trailers for the film overflow in insane, mega-testeronized imagery plucked from every awesome era of human history — trench warfare, magical swords, steampunk robots, samurai demons, ill-fated zeppelins, and the youth-ending vision of adorable High School Musical moppet Vanessa Hudgens firing a mini-gun out of a WWII-era bomber at a fire-breathing dragon (while wearing what appears to be Psylocke’s skin-baring ’90s costume). Four new international trailers don’t really add much to the mix besides some euro-techno, but they did us Pollsters to start thinking: Which of Sucker Punch‘s many, many ludicrous images are you most excited about? Take the latest Lunchtime Poll after the jump…

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